Posted: May 4, 2018

The first ever Commonwealth Beach Sprints will be held at Sandbanks Beach, Poole in Dorset between the 17th and 18th August, 2018.

Racing will take place in men's and women's coastal singles and doubles as well as a mixed quad event. Racing starts on foot with a beach sprint of between 10m and 50m. Rowers will then enter the boat and slalom the boat around three buoys over a 250m course. They will then row straight back to the beach before exiting the boat and running across the finish line on the beach. You can see a video of the Pescara Beach Spints HERE.

Championship Events:

C1xM C1xF C2xM C2xF C4x+Mix

Relay Events:

C1xM C1xF C2xM C2xF

The event schedule includes two training days, followed by the Commonwealth Beach Sprints on the 17th and 18th. Competitors will also have the option of staying on to compete in the British Rowing Offshore Championships on the 19th of August.

We recognise that cost may represent a significant barrier to some athletes and coaches putting themselves forward. We will work with applicants to minimise the cost of the event as much as possible. This may be by coordinating travel arrangements, optimising the number of days at the sprint event itself, and/or by hosting our own training day at a more local location. See the selection document for an estimated break down of costs.

If you think you have what it takes to be part of the Scotland team for this event please submit a registration and an ergometer test time as set out in the selection document. Applications for rowers and coaches must be received by Monday 11th June. Please take note of the more stringent Commonwealth eligibility criteria.

Selection Document