Developing My Coaching: Coaching Framework

Scottish Rowing has created the Scottish Rowing Coaching Framework to provide direction for the development of our coaches.

The Coaching Framework is a holistic view of the factors which we believe influence coaching in rowing. Based on sportscotland’s Effective Coaching Map, The Scottish Rowing Coaching Framework considers three key areas essential to coaching:


Each area of coaching consists of several factors:


We believe that all rowing coaches will be influenced by these factors, regardless of who they coach, how they define success in rowing or the outcome of their coaching. Certain factors will have greater significance than others for each coach, but all factors will have an influence on coaching.


Scottish Rowing members can access the Scottish Rowing Brightspace, our virtual learning environment. You will be able to complete eLearning modules, connect with other coaches, profile yourself and identify areas to expand your knowledge and skills using this platform.  

If you require assistance in creating a plan for your coaching development or to access Brightspace, please contact Iain Rice, Coaching and Workforce Development Manager –