Coaching: Scottish Rowing Membership 

Scottish Rowing has launched a Coach Registration Scheme for coaches. It is a registration of rowing coaches in Scotland with benefits including:

- Insurance cover
- Access to future coach education
- Development opportunities
- Free subscription to UK Coaching.

To find out more go to the Scottish Rowing website or sign up to a Virtual Q&A hosted by Scottish Rowing on Thursday 16th February 2023. To sign up for this event click the link below.

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Coaching: Scottish Rowing Membership – Coach Club

Scottish Rowing members can join the “Coach” club for no additional fee.  The “Coach” club is listed as an option alongside all other Scottish Rowing member clubs on the JustGo system, and members can join this, in addition to their own rowing club. 

What is the purpose?

This register helps us (Scottish Rowing) see who you are and where you are coaching in Scottish clubs, which helps us target support where it is needed. It enables us to communicate with you about coaching opportunities, activities, workshops, and courses.  It also allows us to provide you with ‘Professional Indemnity’ insurance cover, which your normal Scottish Rowing membership does not provide while you are coaching.

What will you get?

You will benefit from:

  • Free Subscription to UKcoaching
  • Opportunity to access
    • Scottish Rowing coaching workshops
    • The ‘Coaching Framework’
    • Support from the Workforce Development Manager.
    • Support from a coaching network.
  • Opportunity to be a Scotland Team Rowing Coach (HIR, Commonwealth)
  • Opportunity to attend at Scottish Rowing camps (e.g. J16 Camp, Junior Academy)

If you are not a coaching member you cannot access these opportunities. 

Why Do you need Insurance Cover?

Even with the most careful planning and preparation, things can go wrong when you're coaching crews or participants. That's why coaches need insurance to protect themselves against the unexpected accidents that can occur before, during and after sessions.

As a registered coach, you will be covered by the Scottish Rowing public liability and professional indemnity insurance for your rowing coaching activities. 

How do I join?

  1. Log onto you Justgo Membership Portal. JustGo Membership portal
  2. On your Profile page there is a ‘My Clubs’ section. Click on ‘Select Club’.
  3. Choose from the list ‘Coach’ and click on the ‘tick’ to the right, to select it.
  4. ‘Coach’ club should now appear beneath your current club.
  5. Update your details and upload your coaching qualifications or credentials to your profile.

These qualifications and credentials will be verified and approved by us which in turn provides confidence to our insurance provider.  You will then get insurance to cover your coaching activities.

It will also be assumed that by joining the ‘Coach’ club you will have read and agree to abide by the Scottish Rowing Coaches Code of Conduct, which can be read here.

The “Coach” club is listed as an option alongside all other Scottish Rowing member clubs on the JustGo system, and you can join this, in addition to your own rowing club. There is no additional fee. 

What are the requirements to be a member of the ‘Coach’ club?

It is expected that you will meet certain minimum requirements.  You will be given a grace period of 6 months to meet the initial requirements which will include: 

  • Agree to abide by the Coaches Code of conduct.
  • Emergency First Aid (3–4-hour course achieved within last 3 years)
  • CWPS or Safeguarding in Sport (achieved within last 3 years)
  • British Rowing RowHow - Cold Water and Hypothermia
  • British Rowing RowHow - Capsize and Recovery Drill Workshop
  • British Rowing RowHow - Safety Basics, Understanding and Managing Risk

These can be evidenced by a certificate of participation in these courses or by the completion of a British Rowing coaching course (e.g., UKCC Level 2 Club Coach/Session Coach, or an UKCC Level 3 Senior Club Coach).  Evidence should be uploaded to your Scottish Rowing JustGo account.

If you require assistance to achieve the minimum requirements, please contact Iain Rice, Workforce Development Manager at