Coaching: Scottish Rowing Membership – Coach Club

Scottish Rowing members can join the “Coach” club for no additional fee.  The “Coach” club is listed as an option alongside all other Scottish Rowing member clubs on the JustGo system, and members can join this, in addition to their own rowing club.  

Members of the “Coach” club will get insurance cover for their coaching activities and will be able to access coaching workshops and resources not available to non-members, such as access to the Coaching Framework and support from the Workforce Development Manager.  Only members of the “Coach” club who meet the criteria (below) will be insured to coach by SR.  

It is expected that members of the “Coach” club will meet certain minimum requirements.  Those seeking members will be given a grace period of 6 months to meet the initial requirements which will include:  

  • First Aid (achieved within last 3 years)
  • Safeguarding in Sport (achieved within last 3 years)

These can be evidenced by a certificate of participation and uploaded to your Scottish Rowing JustGo account.

  • British Rowing RowHow - Cold Water and Hypothermia
  • British Rowing RowHow - Capsize and Recovery Drill Workshop
  • British Rowing RowHow - Safety Basics, Understanding and Managing Risk

These can be evidenced by either a certificate of participation, or evidence of the completion of a British Rowing coaching course (e.g., UKCC Level 2, UKCC Level 3, Club Coach, Session Coach or Senior Club Coach). These can be uploaded to your Scottish Rowing JustGo account.

If you require assistance to achieve the minimum requirements, please contact Andy Barton, Workforce Development Manager at

Why Do Coaches Need Insurance Cover?

Coaches who hold a Scottish Rowing membership are covered for Public Liability should they be held legally liable for damage to third party property or bodily injury to third parties following their negligence.

This insurance protects coaches from claims made against them which could incur through coaching. An example of this could be a person who was injured during a coaching session and felt the coach was to blame through action or inaction.