The Scottish Rowing Rules of Racing apply to all open rowing or sculling events run under the auspices of Scottish Rowing and registered with at the Annual General Meeting of Scottish Rowing.

The Rules of Racing ensure all competition is:

  • Fair and safe
  • Run in accordance with the Scottish Rowing Water Safety Code
  • Consistently regulated and organised

The rules cover:

  • Regatta Conditions & Entries
  • Regatta Regulations
  • Categories of Events
  • Classification of Competitors
  • Race Regulations

Scottish Rowing Rules of Racing (October 2019)

Other Race Specific Documents

Recommended starting procedures for Head races

Starting arrangements at Head races in Scotland vary from event to event, in contrast to regatta starts which are prescribed in some detail in the Rules of Racing. The variations between events or even between divisions within events can cause uncertainty or confusion among competitors at a time when they should be able to focus on performance. These recommendations are intended to provide clarity and consistency for competitors and to ensure that starting arrangements are as effective as possible.

Starting Procedures for head races pdf

Masters Handicapping

This note sets out the handicaps to be used in Masters events run under the Scottish Rowing Rules of Racing and gives advice on their use. Tables are supplied for regattas and for head races​.

Masters Handicapping pdf

Preparation for racing - some advice

This note draws the attention of Clubs, coaches and rowers to some points which will help everyone to have a good experience at this year’s regattas.

Preparation for racing pdf