Parents play an important role in encouraging and supporting their child’s participation, success and fun when playing sport.

Scottish Rowing believes that the wellbeing of children and young people is everyone’s responsibility, particularly when it comes to protecting children and young people from abuse. We encourage parents, clubs, and everyone involved in our sport to work together to create the best environment for young people to thrive.

Why are parents/carers important to children’s participation in rowing?

Parents/carers are important to sport because they can:

  • Encourage their children to take up, enjoy, and achieve
  • Support their children in practical ways – such as providing transport or buying kit
  • Support their children effectively by being aware of club rules and participation guidelines at training sessions and events
  • Help out with activities
  • Become coaches, helpers, and volunteers within the club
  • Help out with things such as club websites and fundraising
  • Support and motivate their child and/or the team
  • Reinforce positive aspects of sports participation

 Helping children reach their full potential

To continue to ensure your child reaches their full potential and enjoys their time playing sport, parents need to consider:

  • Are you being the best role model you can be to help your child enjoy their sporting experience?
  • Are you focused on your child’s development and enjoyment?
  • What does your child want to get out of their sport? 
  • Do you understand what your child is trying to achieve and what support they need to achieve it?

Set a good example

  • Applaud good performances of all rowers, not just your child’s.
  • Behave responsibly; try not to embarrass your child.
  • Support and thank the coaches, staff and volunteers
  • Publicly accept the outcome of racing
  • Use appropriate language at all times.

As a parent/carer you have the right to:

  • Be confident that your child is safe during their participation in any activity.
  • Be informed of problems or concerns relating to your child.
  • Be informed if your child is injured.
  • Have your consent sought for attendance at camps, trips away or photography of your child.
  • Contribute to decisions that affect your child.
  • Have concerns about any aspect of your child’s welfare, listened to and responded to.

How to act on concerns

It is not your responsibility to determine if abuse has taken place, however, it is your responsibility to act upon and report any concerns.

If you have any concerns regarding a young person or if a young person informs you directly that he/she, or another young person, is concerned about someone’s behaviour towards them you should:

  • React immediately
  • Remain calm, so as not to frighten or deter the young person
  • Tell the young person that he/she is not to blame and that he/she was right to tell
  • Make a detailed note of your observations and/or what was said exactly
  • Contact the Club Wellbeing & Protection Officer immediately, if they are unavailable or part of the concern contact the Scottish Rowing Lead Wellbeing & Protection Officer
  • You can use the 24-hour free telephone helplines for advice