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COVID-19 Update from Scottish Rowing

Posted: 3 September 2021

Recent months have seen a much welcome return to more normal rowing activity.  However, you will no doubt be aware that the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has been rising sharply following the recent easing of lockdown restrictions.

Throughout the pandemic, rowing clubs and rowers have played a crucial role in the previous efforts to supress the spread of COVID-19 and demonstrated amazing commitment to being part of the nation’s long-term recovery.  The Scottish Government is, once again, asking sport to play its part in helping stop the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global health pandemic.

Significant progress has been made in recent months with the vaccination programme weakening the link between new cases and serious health harms.  However, in a recent briefing, the First Minister highlighted the increasing pressure on Scotland’s health and care service and the risk that if the surge continues, some restrictions may have to be re-introduced in the future.

It is against this backdrop that I ask for your continued vigilance in managing the risk of COVID-19 within your clubs and activities.  We published our “Beyond Level 0” guidance at the beginning of August and I would like to remind everyone in our sport of that guidance which can be found at https://www.scottish-rowing.org.uk/cov19hub/cov19-2  .

 In particular it is important that participants and visitors to clubs continue to follow Scottish Government advice to:

Finally, clubs still have a responsibility to manage the risk to participants and visitors to their facility.  It is important that clubs continue to:

  1. have a COVID officer acting as the point of contact on all things related to COVID-19;
  2. risk assess all activities including attending events;
  3. support good hand and equipment hygiene;
  4. follow the Scottish Government Test and Protect requirements by collecting the name, contact number, date of visit, time of arrival, and the departure time of all those attending; and
  5. follow the Keeping your facilities fit for sport guidance.

It is great to be back on the water but please let’s continue to play our part in helping manage the spread of COVID-19.

Find out more

Visit www.gov.scot/coronavirus for the latest public health information.

Amanda Cobb 
3rd September 2021