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Scottish Rowing Winter Webinar Series - Eira Parry of High Performance Parenting

Posted: 3 November, 2020

We are delighted to introduce 3 additional sessions to the Scottish Rowing Winter Webinar Series with Eira Parry of High Performance Parenting. These sessions are designed for parents of junior rowers, regardless of their performance level or experience in the sport.

scottish rowing winter webinar series 6 1

Originally a teacher in both primary and secondary education, Eira Parry worked as a performance coach with British Rowing for many years. She now works with parents and athletes across many different sports and at every level with her company High Performance Parenting. She believes passionately that sport can be a force for good, teaching young people valuable life lessons, but that it should also be fun, for athletes, coaches and parents alike.

These webinars are free to parents of junior athletes of any Scottish Rowing club.

The first session which will take place on the revised date of 16th November from 7pm till 8:15pm and is on managing a sport/life balance. This will include the topics; rowing and school, planning ahead, getting enough sleep and eating for well-being. Register today at https://hpp.webinarninja.com/live-webinars/541393/register?in_tok=d33e0aa3-cdb1-4524-9a08-7ea9c8272303