Posted:  21 May 2020

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Scottish Rowing is pleased to be able to provide an update on the proposals for a phased return to sport following the First Minister’s Statement today and welcomes the publication of “Covid-19:  A Framework for Decision Making, Scotland’s route map through and out of the crisis”.

Within the Routemap announced today there are four broad phases post lockdown which the Scottish Government will use to illustrate how lockdown measures may be lifted, with Phase 1 happening no earlier than Thursday 28th May.

While ‘Sport, culture and leisure activities’ is a specific area within this document, rowing may also be impacted by restrictions in other parts of the Routemap.  We are reviewing the Routemap and any additional supporting guidance and are seeking clarification from the Scottish Government where necessary.  In particular, we are seeking clarity on whether boat storage facilities can be accessed in Phase 1. 

Once this review is completed (and before 28th May) we will publish our updated advice for clubs.

Please be aware that as we are currently still in lockdown, our advice that no club activity should take place remains unchanged.