Posted: 21 March, 2022

Announcement from Graeme Cunningham, Scotland Rowing Team Manager 

All athletes seeking selection for the Scotland Team for the Home International Regatta are required to complete a monitored 2km ergometer.

Following discussions with coaches and athletes the Scottish Rowing High Performance Group has made the decision to extend the deadline for submissions.

The result must now be submitted by Sunday 29th May.

All submissions should be witnessed by a Scottish Rowing approved coach and all athletes should record their pre-test weight. Athletes should take photographic evidence of their result and be prepared to provide it if requested.

Individual athletes can submit their results using the following link.

Scottish Rowing approved coaches can make a bulk submission for their athletes by contacting

To be considered for section athletes must meet the following minimum performance standards

Senior Men 6:30   Senior Women 7:30
Senior Men (<73.5kg) 6:40   Senior Women (<60kg) 7:44
Senior Men PR1 9:05   Senior Women PR1 10:41
Senior Men PR2 7:50   Senior Women PR2 9:05
Senior Men PR3 6:50   Senior Women PR3 8:00
Junior Men 6:55   Junior Women 7:48


For further information relating to the selection process please refer to the Selection Policy document on the Rowing for Scotland page of the Scottish Rowing Website  or contact