Volunteers play a vital role in our sport. They support clubs, help coach rowers, tow trailers, and organise and run events. Without volunteers our sport wouldn’t be the same.

Volunteering is a great way to participate in our sport and give back to our community.

Volunteering can help build self-confidence and provide the platform to learn and develop new skills. It is also a great way of making new friends and connecting with others.

There are numerous ways that you can volunteer in our sport:

Volunteering at a club

If rowing clubs are the engines that power our sport in Scotland, and clubs volunteers are the fuel that keeps everything going. There are many different roles that are available within clubs to help support rowing such as coaching, fundraising, helping at events or being on a committee. Why not ask your club secretary if there is something you could do? If you would like to see what types of roles that might be available, see the Club Volunteer Roles in our Club Support section.

Additionally, you may be interested in supporting your club by getting involved in coaching. Coaches are essential to the experience of rowers; they help provide safe, progressive, and fun opportunities to rowers. Whether you are helping to instruct beginner rowers or writing an annual training programme for an international athlete, coaches have a huge part to play in our sport. If you are interested in becoming a coach at your club, why not as your club secretary for any roles that may be available?

If you are interested in becoming a coach and require more information, please contact Ronan Welch, Pathways Manager: ronan.welch@scottish-rowing.org.uk

Volunteering at events

There are many ways to help support the multiple many rowing events that happen each year all over Scotland. The events range from local and regional club competitions to larger, national regattas. Roles such as timing, marshalling, catering, communications, safety cover and event logistics to name but a few are available and are a great opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills. Why not become a Scottish Rowing Event Volunteer by filling in the form https://forms.office.com/r/Mfntdw9DqY:

Scottish Rowing is also recruiting for a number of key roles within its regatta organising committee. For more information check out the event volunteer page.


Have you ever considered becoming an umpire? Umpires play a key role in the safe and fair running of events. Visit the Umpire page of our website if you might be interested in training to become one.