Revalidations must happen on an annual basis in order to retain Grow2Row status. It is understood that new criteria requirements from Scottish Rowing may be inserted from time to time at Scottish Rowing’s discretion; evidence will be required to show that clubs are working towards any new criteria with immediate effect. Implementation should be confirmed by the next review date of revalidation.

Year One Annual Review

Scottish Rowing will send written notice to all clubs twelve weeks prior to the revalidation date, with a submission date and named assessor contact details. This will be copied to the named assessor.

To obtain revalidation the club must meet with the assessor to review the club survey and to update their club development plan (Action Plan). These documents must then be submitted to the Development Department at Scottish Rowing. The club is then validated for year two within one week of submission and will receive a letter of revalidation.

Scottish Rowing will send a reminder to the club to meet with the assessor two weeks prior to the submission date.

If the listed club contact is not available or the club is unclear on the action to take, the club should contact Scottish Rowing for further help.

If the information submitted is unsatisfactory or the club do not meet with the assessor, the club will be given a one month extension after the deadline date to re submit.

If still unsatisfactory, the club will have its Grow2Row accreditation suspended and reviewed by the Scottish Rowing Grow2Row Steering Group at their next meeting, the Group meets every quarter during the year.

The Steering Group have the power to revoke the clubs accreditation. Following this decision, the club will be informed that re-submission of a full Grow2Row file would be the only way to retain the accreditation.

Year Two Annual Review

The process is the same as the Year One Annual Review (shown above).

Year Three Annual Review

The process is the same as the Year One Annual Review (shown above).

Year Four Re-Accreditation

The final date for resubmission will be sent to the club at this stage, detailing when the Accreditation runs out and when the Club has to re-submit a full Grow2Row file for a second term of accreditation.
To obtain re-accreditation each criteria must be signed off by the assessor/verifier in the same way as they first were accredited in year one.

The club can request support from a Scottish Rowing Officer prior to the accreditation date if needed.

All Grow2Row accreditations will be signed off by regional or national staff.