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To achieve Grow2Row status, a Scottish Rowing affiliated club is accredited by a Grow2Row assessor. Circumstances vary between clubs but the accreditation process is the same.

In general most clubs, once they get started, find that they are well on the way to achieving accreditation without having realised it. Evidence can be gathered in a variety of formats including hard copy, electronically or at the club itself (e.g., on noticeboards).

Note: We are not currently accepting new applications for Grow2Row Accreditation.

Step 1
The Club completes the Grow2Row registration form and sends this to their Regional Development Manager at Scottish Rowing. Upon receipt, the club will receive a letter acknowledging this and advising them of their local Grow2Row assessors contact details.

Step 2
The Grow2Row assessor will meet with the club face-to-face. At this meeting the Grow2Row Assessor will:
• provide the club with their Grow2Row Evidence File where all evidence will be stored
• outline the process and evidence required
• develop a plan of action, to ensure that you can gain all the other criteria/evidence required

Step 3
The club will receive ongoing support to achieve the Grow2Row Accreditation. The club will have 12 months to provide all required evidence and therefore will become fully accredited.