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Rowing for Scotland

The Scotland Rowing Team continues to represent a significant opportunity for Scottish Rowing to support athletes on the performance pathway. In 2017, eleven of the twelve Scottish rowers selected to represent Great Britain at the World Rowing Championships in Sarasota, USA, had earlier in their rowing careers represented the Scotland Rowing Team at either the Home International Regatta or the Commonwealth Rowing Championships.

Scottish Rowing will continue to place a strong emphasis on the Home International Regatta as an athlete development opportunity for those on the performance pathway. After raising the standard of performances in the senior team in recent years, Scottish Rowing has aspirations to support improved performances across the junior team and this will form part of the junior development strategy.

Home International Regatta

The Home International Regatta (HIR) is an annual challenge match between Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. The Scotland Rowing Team, which actually comprises four separate teams (Senior Men, Senior Women, Junior Men and Junior Women) is selected annually and compromises approximately 70 athletes and 15 coaches and support staff. The HIR provides an opportunity for Scottish Rowers to gain their first taste of international competition. 2012 Olympic Gold Medallist, Katherine Grainger and 2011 World Champion Imogen Walsh are both veterans of the regatta as is Sir Chris Hoy before making his switch to cycling.

In bringing the most talented athletes and coaches in Scotland together on a regular basis, Scottish Rowing promotes collaboration between clubs and athletes while nurturing a culture of healthy competition, thus ensuring that the Scotland Rowing Teams can be as successful as possible.

The 2018 Home International Regatta will take place in Cork, Ireland, on Saturday 21st July 2018.

The Scotland Rowing Team Selection Policy for the 2018 Home International Regatta is now available.

Selection Policy for 2018 Home International Regatta

Athletes and coaches wishing to be considered for the team are asked to read the selection policy carefully, especially as there are a number of key changes to the policy this year. These include:

  • The introduction of an ergometer standard for 2,000m which aims to help drive up performance levels across the team.
  • The publication of a list of ‘athletes who remain under consideration for selection’ following the Scottish Rowing Championships as opposed to a ‘provisional crew list’ that has been the case in previous years. This allows the selectors greater flexibility when forming crews in the run up to the Home International Regatta with the aim of selecting the most competitive crew in each boat class.
  • Updated requirements with respect to anti-doping education.

Athletes wishing to be considered for the Scotland Rowing Team in 2018 are required to complete the online registration by no later than Monday 12th February 2018.

All coaches interested in working with the Scotland Rowing Team should complete the coach registration process at the earliest opportunity if they have not already done so. 

IMPORTANT - Athletes and coaches are also advised that this year the Home International Regatta will clash with the British Rowing Junior Championships and athletes completing the registration process will be assumed to be fully committed to achieving Scotland Rowing Team selection in 2018.

Any questions relating to the Scotland Rowing Team should be addressed to Graeme Cunningham, Scotland Rowing Team Manager (graeme.cunningham@scottish-rowing.org.uk) or Lee Boucher, Scottish Rowing Head of Performance Pathway (lee.boucher@scottish-rowing.org.uk).

Further information about the regatta can be found at: Home International Regatta

Athletes are able to appeal selection decisions under certain circustances. The appeals process document can be found within our organisation downloads.

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