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Location20170413 133

Current Location: Edinburgh

Home Town: Selkirk

Personal Information

Date of Birth: 7th June 1994

Height: 172cm

Weight: 58kg

Education: Edinburgh University

Rowing Information

Current Club: Edinburgh University Boat Club

Current Coach: John Higson

Original Club: Edinburgh University Boat Club

Original Coach: John Higson


Cycling and hill walking in the north of Scotland.

Career Aspirations

Olympic rower, or Army Officer, or Working in sport.

Greatest Rowing Moment

Being selected to represent GB for the first time which had been a dream of mine from a young age or more recently, winning the Scottish Championships in my single against a tough field and my dad and step mum being able to watch me. I think this is one of my best performances.
Best result would have to be coming 4th in the world at the U23 world champs or winning Henley women's regatta 2015 or winning BUCS regatta in the championship quad event 2016.

Favourite Post Race Food

Right after a race it is something to help me recover like a high protein recovery shake or gel.
Once we have finished racing and I am relaxed we usually have a long drive home, travelling from Scotland, so the service station is the food option. My favourite option would have to be some sort of warmed chicken wrap, some yogurt and chocolate. If I wasn't limited to service station food it would probably be sushi.

Favourite TV Programme

I do love a good prison documentary, Or Bear Grills the Island, Or if I really don't want to use my brain Made in Chelsea is always a great watch.

Most people don't know.......

When I was younger I was trying to be helpful and do some hoovering but instead got the powerful suction tube stuck to my head. It proceeded to pull a large circle of hair out and left me with a huge bald patch for numerous months. That was the last time I touched a Hoover.
I also have a tattoo on my ribs and am sure it won't be my last.