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Current Location: AberdeenLewisMcCue

Home Town: Braemar

Personal Information

Date of Birth: 26h November 1994

Height: 182cm

Weight: 85kg

Education: Robert Gordon University

Rowing Information

Current Club: Robert Gordon University Boat Club

Current Coach:

Original Club: Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association

Original Coach: Colin Wallace


I enjoy cycling and watching many sports.

Career Aspirations

To achieve success at the highest possible level within the sport. 2016 goal is to compete in U23 World Championships in August.

Greatest Rowing Moment

Best race was last summer getting silver at the U23 World Championships in the coxless four. I loved rowing for Scotland at the Commonwealth rowing championships and this will always be one of my favourite events.

Favourite Post Race Food

My favourite post-race food has got to be a burger and sweet potato fries.

Favourite TV Programme

Homeland and suits

Most people don't know.......

I can touch my nose with my tongue.