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Current Location: Glasgow20170413 155

Home Town: Glasgow

Personal Information

Date of Birth: 3rd April 1998

Height: 202cm

Weight: 90kg

Education: The Glasgow Academy

Rowing Information

Current Club: Edinburgh University Boat Club

Current Coach: Colin Williamson

Original Club: Strathclyde Park Rowing Club

Original Coach: Ailie Ord


I enjoy using my DJ decks in any spare time I have and mixing songs.

Career Aspirations

To compete at the U23 World Championships and make the senior team, ultimately with the aim to win an Olympic gold.

Greatest Rowing Moment

Winning the Junior World Championships in the quad at Rio in 2015.

Favourite Post Race Food

Chicken katsu and a chilli squid from Wagamamas.

Favourite TV Programme

Breaking Bad.

Most people don't know.......

I don't like fruit.