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GoMembership Implementation

Posted: December 6, 2017

Scottish Rowing is moving to a new membership system, GoMembership. We are starting the transition on Thursday the 14th December and will be suspending access to the current rowing.ismysport system at midday. The new system will then go live early next week (week beginning 18th Dec)

Any members or club administrators who know they may need access to the system for any reason are encouraged to do so as soon as possible. Any members who need to know their SR licence number during the time the membership system is unavailable should contact the Scottish Rowing office either by email via office@scottish-rowing.org.uk or phoning 01698 250206

Transfer to New System

Once the new system is live, we will be contacting existing users as follows:

1. Club system admins will be contacted with instructions on how to log on and get started with the new system. 
2. Individual members will receive an email asking them to log in to the new system.  This will activate their membership.  Until the member logs in, their membership will not be activated so please encourage your club members to act when they receive the email. 

Implementation Support

If you have any immediate queries on the system implementation now or when it goes live, please contact the Scottish Rowing office.  Jo Pinder, who has been leading the work on implementing the new system will also be available at the Changing the Future Event in January to demonstrate the capabilities of the system and to answer any questions you may have.