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Request for Tenders for Catering and Bar Facilities 2017

Posted: January 26, 2017

Strathclyde Park Regatta & Scottish Student Rowing Championships – 22 - 23 April
Scottish Rowing Championships – 10 - 11 June

Clubs are invited to tender for running the catering and/or the bar at the above regattas. Over the past few years the standards set by the clubs running these services have been high, and it is expected that these high standards will be met or indeed better by this years providers.

Catering will be expected to provide a similar (or improved) service to that of past years in terms of quality and range of food, and should ensure that they have sufficient personnel to keep queuing to a minimum. It is difficult to predict demand for each type of food, but there should be flexibility in the system to allow the club to respond to demand, e.g. if the weather is particularly cold & wet, then provision should be made to get more hot food and soup from a local shop if necessary. (There is a large ASDA in Hamilton, about 1 mile away)

The Catering will be expected to be able to provide a limited service (minimum of tea/coffee & bacon/sausage rolls) at least 1 hour before the start of the first race. This is to allow Umpires, Stakeboat personnel etc. to have some form of breakfast before the start of their shift. Full service should be available by the start of the first race. Catering shall remain open until at least 30 minutes after the finish of the last race, and must ensure that there is sufficient provision for Umpires, Stakeboat personnel etc. coming off the water at end of shift. In the event of inclement weather, it is vital that sufficient hot food is available throughout the opening times.

The bar should stock a good range of bottled ales and lagers. There should be provision for keeping these beers & lagers cold either using a fridge or ice/water. Spirits are not usually a big seller, but there should be some provision made. Again, there should be the flexibility to allow for unexpected demand, especially in the event of hot weather. The last thing a regatta wants is for the bar to run out of beer. The bar shall remain open until at least 30 minutes after the finish of the last race, and must ensure that there is sufficient provision for Umpires, Stakeboat personnel etc. coming off the water at end of shift. For some of the umpires on the last shift, the though of a cold beer is the only thing that keeps them going!

The licence for the Bar will be obtained by the DROC, but the Club running the Bar will be expected to pay the cost of the licence (£10). The licence will run from 11.00am until 8.00pm each day.

Note that following guidance from Sportscotland, there will be an increased focus on the hygiene provisions at the event. The Clubs providing the catering and/or Bar facilities will be responsible for ensuring that all relevant Health, Safety & Hygiene regulations are met.
The following basics would require to be in place :
-    Food handling training for key staff ( level 2 )
-    Personal hand washing facilities
-    Sinks for washing equipment
-    Chemicals for cleaning and disinfection
-    Equipment to allow hygienic preparation/temperature storage & cooking
-    Monitoring/management of operation.
Any club submitting a tender is strongly advised to contact North Lanarkshire Council Environmental Health Department for guidance.
The NLC contact is Tom Smith, e-mail  SmithTo@northlan.gcsx.gov.uk  Tel 07939 284659.


The application must include prices for the following items (or near substitutes)

Hot drinks - Tea / Coffee / Hot Chocolate Cakes/pastries
Cold drinks – Cans/Water/ Energy /Sports drinks Fruit
Soup Chocolate bars / Crisps / Cereal bars                                    
Porridge Beer/Lager 330ml bottles
Cold filled roll (various)  Beer/Lager 500ml bottles                 
Hot filled roll (Bacon) Spirits 25ml/Mixers
Hot filled roll (Lorne sausage) Packed lunch (2 cold filled rolls, crisps, juice and chocolate bar)


The application should also include the donation that you would pay to Scottish Rowing toward the costs of the marquee and electricity.

Applications must be in writing.
Preferred method is by Word document via email to alistair.neill@scottish-rowing.org.uk

Applications must be received by Monday 20th February 2017

Alistair Neill