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Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships Final Timetable

Reposted: November 17, 2015

The Final timetable for the Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships is now available.

Final Timetable

All competitors under the age of 18 must provide the a SR Photographic Consent form, which can be emailed to us or brought to the event on the day.

Please check these documents carefully and contact us ASAP if there are any issues. Juniors and minors are to bring the signed parental consent form on the day or email a copy to entries@scottish-rowing.org.uk before the day.

The Championships will take place at:
Glasgow Club Bellahouston
Bellahouston Drive
G52 1HH

Travelling by rail – city centre to nearby stations (Dumbreck/Cardonald) For full details of services, please go to scotrail.co.uk
Travelling by bus - The Glasgow Club Bellahouston is located just off Paisley Road West and many bus routes use this road. They include the simplicity 10, 9 and 9A services.


Car parking is available at the venue on a first come first served basis.

Coach Pick up and drop off points
The pick up and drop off point is on the street outside the venue. Coaches should not enter the main car park as there is not adequate turning space.

Please register at least 30 mins prior to your race. Registration will open as of 8:00am on Saturday. It would also be appreciated if you could inform us ASAP if you intend to withdraw.

A warm up area, with a number of rowing machines, mats for stretching and some spin bikes will be available as well as changing rooms and showers.

Please ensure you arrive on time for your race. Those arriving late may miss their race start and will not be able to compete

Lightweight Athletes

Lightweight competitors must weigh-in between one hour and two hours before their first race.
Athletes successfully weighing in will be issued with a race slip. Lightweights will not be admitted to the race area without a valid race slip. Competitors entered into a lightweight category who do not make their weight will not be able to compete. Competitors racing in multiple lightweight events only need to weigh-in once.

Lightweight weigh-in limits are:

Men 75kg
Women 61.5kg

Your Race

The race area contains 30 Concept 2 rowing machines electronically linked together.

Competitor lists detailing which machine each competitor should use for their race are posted at various locations throughout the venue. Please ensure you know which ergo you have been assigned to and check with a Race Marshall before entering the race area. Only competitors are permitted in the race area, there will be a spectator seating area at the venue. You will be given time before the race to set up your machine and adjust the drag factor, BUCS athletes will have to follow BUCS rules for their drag factor.

Just before the race starts you will be asked to “Put down your handle”. This allows the flywheel to stop and the race software to synchronise the machines. You will then be asked to “Pick up your handle”. There will then be a countdown as follows...3...2...1...ROW. This will be displayed on the machine display. Do not start to row before “ROW” or you will be charged with a false start.

Race Marshalls will be on hand if you require any assistance.

During the race as well as the usual data (time, distance, split etc) you will be able to see your progress in relation to the other competitors in the race. Spectators will also be able to track your progress via a large screen located at the front of the race area. When you finish your race, place your handle carefully back in its holder. As the handle is attached to the bungee, letting go can cause damage to the machine. Competitors doing so deliberately may be disqualified and will be liable for any damage caused. 

Team Events

Teams will be asked to confirm the names of competitors at registration. A single race slip will be issued at registration to each team competing in team events. Any substitutions must be detailed on this race slip. Teams will not be permitted access to the race area without a valid race slip.

Adaptive Entries 

If required a classification schedule will be communicated to you separately.

Results and Medal Ceremonies

Results will be posted at various locations through the venue. If you are a prize-winner please assemble in the area to the left of the race area shortly before the medal ceremony is due to begin. Please ensure you arrive for your medal ceremony on time. Due to the large entry, the championships will be running to a strict timetable and we would not want you to miss your moment of glory.

Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placed competitors in each individual category where there are 4 or more entrants. Medals will only be awarded to competitors who have beaten someone within their category. Medals will be awarded to members of the 1st place team only in the Team events.

Results and updates will be available throughout the day on twitter, follow @scottishrowing. Full results will be published after the championships at www.scottish-rowing.org.uk

Scottish Student Sport indoor Rowing Championships

Entrants in the individual university events (excluding the fresher category) have automatically been entered in the corresponding senior championship category. There will be an additional results classification (and prizes) for this event. Finally, good luck with your last minute preparation and we hope you have a successful race.