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Scottish Rowing Junior Co-Ordinator

Posted November 19, 2013

John Higson has been appointed Scottish Rowing Junior Co-Ordinator on a part-time basis.

Some of you may be aware that John was recently appointed to the Coaching Futures post, hosted by the University of Edinburgh. You can read more about John's appointment to this role and the Coaching Futures programme here - http://www.scottish-rowing.org.uk/index.php/news/218-elitea

Scottish Rowing has made a significant investment into our Under 23 programmes over the past 3 years and these programmes are providing opportunities for our best athletes to continue their educations in Scotland whilst accessing professionally run performance rowing programmes. This is particularly important from a performance perspective given the strong correlation between GB representation at an Under 23 level and at Senior/Olympic level.

However it is extremely important that our junior programmes are also thriving and our most promising athletes and their coaches are taking a long term view with regards to their development. John will report into the Scottish Rowing High Performance Group and will be responsible for supporting and helping to develop junior athletes with long term potential in the sport by working closely with their existing coaching teams.

John will be the primary point of contact moving forward in respect of any junior athletes looking to progress along the performance pathway and he can be contacted at john.higson@scottish-rowing.org.uk