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Your assessment file enables your club to collect, store and present to Scottish Rowing all the information/evidence required to show that you are a safe, effective, child and young people friendly club. Once Scottish Rowing has assessed your file you will receive notification from Scottish Rowing that you are an accredited Grow2Row club.

You will be provided with an Assessment File by your Regional Development Manager once you have registered.

Please use this file in the following way to make it as easy as possible to verify your accreditation:

• Review all the criteria you need to meet

• Assess which criteria you can already meet

• Complete the self-declaration assessment form

• Place the required evidence in the relevant sections of the file

• Place a copy of your club development plan in the file

Develop a plan of action, with Scottish Rowing, to ensure that you can gain all the other criteria/evidence required.

The documents, resource materials and relevant templates can be found using the links on the right. These materials will help you develop some of the criteria required. In addition there will be workshops running in your area that you will be able to access. Scottish Rowing will be able to point you in the right direction for these.

N.B. All your evidence must come from a 12-month period.

Once all the evidence is in the file please hand/post your evidence file to Scottish Rowing. Your Regional Development Manager will be in contact with you throughout the process and will be happy to answer any questions.