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The templates have been provided to help your club produce good policies, procedures and printed matter that should be in place as a matter of good practice.

The templates have been saved in Microsoft Word so that they can be accessed and adopted, adapted or developed to suit the needs of individual clubs.

To insert information specific to your club in the templates, simply fill in the blank spaces, or replace any words that are in ITALICISED CAPITAL LETTERS, with the appropriate information in any text style. Text can also be added to the existing material.


1. Club Squad Information
2. Risk Assessment Form
3. Club Personnel Contact Details
4. Safeguarding Policy
5. Club 100% ME Anti-Doping Policy
6. Club Anti Bullying Policy
7. Club Equal Opportunities Policy
8. Club Code of Conduct Junior Members
9. Club Code of Conduct Adult Members
10. Club Code of Conduct Officials and Volunteers
11. Club Code of Conduct Parents and Carers
12. School Club Link Agreement


1. How much and how often
2. Coach to Rower ratio
3. Club Development Plan

Key Volunteer Job Descriptions:

1. Coaching Coordinator
2. Volunteer Coordinator
3. Child Protection Officer