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There are many benefits for your club in joining the Scottish Rowing Grow to Row accreditation scheme. These include:

  • Increased membership…. gives parents confidence when choosing a club
  • Retention…. the culture that accreditation (Grow2Row) promotes boosts the morale of club members and ensures that volunteers are recognised.
  • Facilities…. more and more local authorities give priority to accredited clubs.
  • Volunteers…. Grow2Row provides a volunteer structure where hard work and dedication is recognised. Once accredited, clubs find morepeople who are keen to get involved, especially parents.
  • Links with schools…. increasingly schools are looking for guarantees of quality and the presence of child-friendly procedures and local schools are encouraged to signpost children to accredited clubs.
  • Raised profiles…. Grow2Row is Scottish Rowing’s version of ‘Clubmark’ which is a highly valued accreditation. As well as raising the profile with local authorities, national governing bodies and other sports bodies, accredited clubs are on a national database and other directories to help them publicise what they do and help them to grow
  • Officer time…. as a Grow2Row accredited club you will become a priority club for Scottish Rowing and will have dedicated officer time to support your club’s development and promotion.
  • Coach Education support…. once accredited, clubs that achieve the Grow2Row status will be entitled to 50% reduced rate in all UKCC courses for the club’s coaches and volunteers.