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Scottish Rowing is run by a volunteer board which is supported by staff based at the Scottish Rowing Centre at Strathclyde Country Park.


Chief Operating Officer
Amanda Cobb: amanda.cobb@scottish-rowing.org.uk Tel: 01698 250206

Coaching and Development Manager
Mark Senter: mark.senter@scottish-rowing.org.uk Tel: 01698 250206

Workforce Development Manager  (West)
Andy Barton: andy.barton@scottish-rowing.org.uk Tel: 01698 250206

Competitions and Events Manager (East)
Adam Hardy: adam.hardy@scottish-rowing.org.uk  Tel: 01698 250206

Club Support Manager (North)

Head of Performance Pathway
Lee Boucher: lee.boucher@scottish-rowing.org.uk Tel: 01698 250250

Carol Ann Ellis: office@scottish-rowing.org.uk Tel: 01698 250206

Membership Services
Jo Pinder: memberservices@scottish-rowing.org.uk Tel: 01698 250206

Scottish Rowing Welfare Officer
Mark Senter: childprotection@scottish-rowing.org.uk


The Board

Martin Claxton: martin.claxton@scottish-rowing.org.uk

Vice President (Director of Development)
Caroline Parker

Director of Coaching
John Gill

Director of Performance
Dorothy Roberts

Finance Director
Mark Barry

Director of Sport Governance

Commercial Director

Ordinary Members
Alistair Neill
Elizabeth Mitchell

Key Volunteers

Scotland Team Manager
Graeme Cunningham: graeme.cunningham@scottish-rowing.org.uk

Junior Co-Ordinator
Michael Martin

Scottish Rowing Regatta Organising Committee
Lindsey Vyse: lindsey.vyse@scottish-rowing.org.uk 

SRROC Volunteer Co-Ordinator

Race Control Commission
Chair - Neil MacFarlane: sr.racingcontrol@gmail.com